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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Murder mystery

A classic among larps is the murder mystery, and we're happy to include Endgame (NO) by Hans Olai Martinsen and Anne Marie Stamnestrø in the programme for Grenselandet.

The year is 1925. We are in The City, where alchohol and gambling is forbidden. An underground poker and - drinks party for the rich and fashionable is about to go terribly wrong. A gathering of 10 people. One will die. One of us did it. Who has a motive? Can you trust anyone in the room?

Endgame is a 1920s murder mystery game with a focus on fun, mystery solving, and 1920s pastiche. Characters are pre-written and will be distributed randomly. This is a shortened version of the game as it appears in the book Larps from the Factory.

Photo: Li Xin

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