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Friday 26 September 2014

Continental black box

We're happy to introduce our 2nd Dutch scenario for the festival - The Heist (NL) by Ruben de Boer.

A group of fishermen embark on a trading adventure. Somewhere in the Pacific they are caught in a maelstrom and their damaged ship is carried towards an undocumented island. The shade from the trees soothes the sunburnt skins and the fresh oranges revive the worn spirits of the fishermen. Soon hereafter their peace of mind is disturbed and the fishermen discover that, despite the fact that the island is not on the map, the island is not uninhabited. Confronted by the ‘Other’, players of The Heist will be faced by a difficult decision: stick to the own rules and habits or try to figure out this new culture?

The Heist is a non-verbal Blackbox larp focussing on the embodiment of shifts of power. The political theatre of the Theatre of the Oppressed and Michel Foucault’s theoretical insights on relational power drives the framework of the larp. “White Death”, a larp by Nina Runa Essendrop and Simon Steen Hansen, heavily inspires the setting and gaming style. This larp is analytically strong and meant to provoke reflexivity among players about the nature and effects of power.

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