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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Tormenting trenches

The young boys lie in the trenches. Their faces illuminated by bright explosions. Rumbling thunder. Dirt are thrown over them in the dark of night, then the screams and the pain. Lost memories flow among the ruins. The fog comes first and then Death, with shining eyes scouting for souls. Its hunger is known throughout the trenches. Many boys are hollow without joy in their life. Dead in their eyes.

In this larp participants play two halves of the same character, fighting to survive in the terrors of war while clinging to the memories of the past. Which part of you will you lose, or will vanish completely, when Death goes hunting and memories fade.

All the Little Boys Are Dead (DK) by Frederik Berg & Rasmus Høgdall is set in the trenches of the first world war, it follows 8 young men, in their struggle to survive while keeping their memories and sanity intact, while bombs are falling all around them and death comes to steal them away.

All the Little Boys Are Dead is a larp running for two hours. It is heavily scripted and relays on both transparency and expectations among the players to work. The larps run-time is determined by the soundscape designed specific for the larp. The soundscape is a mix between nature sounds, bombs exploding and a horror track for when death comes. All the sounds is used as ques for the players, so they know how to react in a certain situation.

All characters are played by two players, where one player is mute but can see and the other is blind but can talk. Between them they have three memories that keeps them alive, if they lose them the become hollow and are left in the trenches when the larp ends. The memories are inspired by everyday life and common feelings.

Image by Grindelbear on Deviantart under a Creative Commons Licence

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Flowers of May

It's the beginning of the century, in a parisian brothel, where clients and prostitutes live their entwined destinies in what will be the last year of The Flowers of May, an establishment doomed to foreclosure. For Flora, Iris, Rose and Violette, the titular "Flowers", for Philippe, André, Paul and Bartholomew, their "regulars", that change is far from insignificant. The disappearance of the place, familiar and comfortable for some, oppressive for others, becomes a symbol of the weight of the past and the fear of the future.

Flowers of May (FR) by Muriel Algayres is a larp about objectification and exploitation, questionning power balance through issues of class and gender. It also works through personal relationships and choices, and how they shape the individual, for the better or worse.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Personality probe

Are we always one and the same person?. Don’t we hear people say things like ‘I don’t know what I was thinking doing that’ and ‘Normally I do not do such things’ quite often? Still we claim to be one person, one mind, one individual. Claiming otherwise makes you mentally disturbed, or so they say, and should be treated.

Knock knock, who’s there? (NL) by Isak Speelt and Eric Vinken is a scenario about the different personalities ‘inside’ one main character. Every player represents one of those personalities. During the scenario several key events in the life of the main character will be played.

Image by Paigeypoo243 on DeviantArt under a Creative Commons license.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Puppy play

Being an adult is so boring! When you are small everybody take care about you: they feed you, scratching behind the ear, give you some tasty bones to nibble. The world around you is amazing, everybody wish you nothing but good. What can the little puppy do? Play, of course!

Inside I’m a puppy (BY) by Aleksandra Franskevich, Nadja Trutniova, Yauheniya Siadova and Natasha Smolnikova is a physical larp with plentiful tactile interaction between the players within a frame with a high safety level. Take this opportunity to get away from the usual social roles.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Drunken bittersweet

A group of childhood friends, really fond of drinking, have recently decided to quit drinking. But before that, there will be one last party. Bring your own bottle (BY) by Nastassia Sinitsyna, Yauheniya Siadova and Alisa Matavilava is a larp about friendship, memories and moving on.

Tonight is their last chance to have a proper party the old way and look back on all the crazy things they've done, before leaving the bottles behind forever.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sibling larps

Today we have added two larps from the UK to our programme. One about an all-female group of friends and one about an all-male group of friends. Both larps explore the history of these people from beeing students to adult life.

These Are the Days of Our Lives (UK) by Mo Holkar is about a group of young women meeting at a student disco, and becoming friends. This larp revisits them at ten-year intervals: catching up with the group in their late 20s, late 30s and late 40s. Inbetween these social meetings, players choose for themselves what has happened to their characters during those ten years: relationships, family, work, health… and also how the dynamic of their interrelationships has evolved with their changing lives.

These Are the Days of Our Lives is about the evolution of female friendships over time. It is interested in the ebb and flow of warmth, trust, respect and emotional closeness around the group, as time goes on and life events happen. It’s also interested in players’ exploration of how women's lives express themselves as they grow older.

These Are the Days of Our Lives will mix comic and tragic moments, light-hearted enjoyment and serious concern and grief, in the same way that life itself does. Players will fit thirty years’ worth of ups and downs – in the characters’ own lives, and among the group – into a few hours of play. You’ll be invited to become strongly bonded together; and you may have reflections on your own life, as a result of what you’ve experienced in play.

Real Men (UK) by Mo Holkar and Kevin Burns follows the lives of six friends, from when they first meet at the age of 19 in the mid-80s up to the present day.

What is it to be a 'real' man? What are the hopes, fantasies and fears men have about themselves? What happens when men accept, or reject, society's ideas about manhood? What do we, as men, hide from others in order to portray ourselves as 'real men'?

'Real Men' will give men the opportunity to explore their relationships with other men, and to discover something about their own relation to masculinity and maleness.

The larp is a companion piece to 'These Are The Days of Our Lives' by Mo Holkar, which is about six women.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Imagine a complete loss of memory. And a complete loss of identity? Who do you go to, and what will they tell you? Would your friends and family get it right? Would they agree with each other? Who has the right to define who you are? Encircling (NO) is a larp by Åslaug Ullerud and Leif Amund Lie where you are left to discover your identity based on the stories of the ones who knew you.

Encircling is one of several larps first tested out at the Larp Laboratory in Oslo in March this year.