The Dates for Grenselandet 2021 are December 10th and 11th. More information is coming.
You can buy your ticket at Tikkio (click orange box below)!

Monday, 25 October 2021

Dance of Destruction

Grenselandet 2021 is pleased to announce its first larp on the program: Dance of Destruction by Danish larp designer and artist Nina Essendrop.

Dance of Destruction follows people who each have a burning desire to accomplish or create something extraordinary. But dedication comes with a price, and their private, everyday existence suffers when they totally commit to their goals. Dance of destruction is about choosing whether to focus on the big dreams or the everyday joys. Like many of Nina's larps, Dance of Destruction is fairly abstract, played through movement, drawing and physical interaction. Each player gets to interpret their own story from the abstract actions they and others take.

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Announcing Grenselandet 2021

                 How do we cope with the long darkness of winter?

By holding on to the light.                   

On 10-11 December Grenselandet hopes to be that spot of light in the darkness: a place to take shelter, to indulge in good food and good conversation, and of course a place to play larps. Grenselandet 2021 aims to be a small, cozy affair, with a program featuring new and old high quality larps, and padded with plenty of time to catch up with friends. 

If you are new to (chamber) larp, or new to the Oslo scene, Grenselandet is the place to get to know the community and to explore the imaginative possibilities that larp has to offer, at an affordable price. Tickets are 100 NOK, and include at least one larp. If you are traveling to Oslo for Grenselandet, stay tuned for hosting options. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

You can still join us!

Grenselandet will be small this year - but you will not be alone in the black box! Come and join us! 

This year's festival will be special - with many fewer participants and larps than a normal year. But we still think it will be a memorable experience. We have had many cancellations, and we are now offering more tickets for those who still want to join. Most of the larps in the programme do still have spots. It's also very OK to join only because you want to join the evening programme - but you still need a ticket.

Some of the things we have to offer:

  • More than 10 amazing larps
  • A place to gather before and after the larps - with safe distancing in place
  • A small concert Friday night
  • Video link to a larper's retreat in Belarus
  • A special event for Saturday night

You may also buy a ticket at the door, but you make life easier for everybody if you buy it in advance. 

Buy your last-minute ticket here.

Monday, 5 October 2020

Programme schedule is out!


Our programme schedule is now out! If you have a ticket, you should have received an email for signing up.

Friday, 11 September 2020

The Ark

Our latest addition to the programme is The Ark (NO) by Karete Jacobsen Meland and Martin Nielsen. It takes place on an Ark - not one that saves pairs of animals from extinctions, but one that takes the last single member of a species on a journey.
A group of different animals, all believed to be the last of their kind, are on a final journey. Lonesome, but with others who face the same destiny. How will they experience impending extinction? With sorrow? As an opportunity for change? Or as a chance to properly enjoy life because there is no tomorrow?
The Ark is a quiet, bittersweet, contemplative, and slightly surrealist experience, where we will use artificial smell as a way of directing the play. All players will portray different animals – with their own quirks and demeanors – travelling with the Ark to new and old corners of the world and of their lives and exploring being alone and together at the same time.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

A World Apart

We are pleased to present the next larp from our challenge on Corona Resilient Larps: A World Apart (DK) by Nina Runa Essendrop.

All the people live in their own little worlds. 

They all have their meaningful routines, their possessions and their abstract task to fill out their lives. 

Each one is separate, unable to touch or talk to the people living next to them. 

But in their dreams, they reach out and gently become part of something shared, something deeper than their everyday life. And as their dreams start to influence their reality they learn to see and connect with others across the borders of their own little words.   


A World Apart is an abstract, physical larp about finding connection with others who are far away. 

It is a larp about the things we have in common even if our circumstances are different and the way we can influence each others actions and world views even when we cannot be physically in touch. 

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Die Lassie! Die!

The next larp from our dinner party challenge is "Die Lassie! Die!" (DK) - a film noir inspired larp by Julie Streit Pilegaard. This larp is not a dinner party in the traditional sense - but rather a group of mobsters around a table in a dirty back room of a London pub.

Nothing helps to hide violent crimes and murdered bodies in her dark narrow streets as 1946’s London.

In a small room behind a gritty pub, a gang of small time hardened mobsters meet to cool down and wipe off the blood after a botched robbery. Drinks are poured and conversation starts to flow, as they talk about their jobs, old times, and wait for their friend to return with words from The Boss.

Soon everything takes a deadly turn. 

All of them are soon to discover that nothing they know about themself and each other are as it seems.