The Dates for Grenselandet 2022 are December 9th and 10th. More information is coming.
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Saturday, 18 June 2022

Call for LARPs Grenselandet 2022

 Save the date for Grenselandet 2022! On 9-10 December the stage is set to see old friends, make new ones, and play LARPs across a series of exciting locations in the city of Oslo. 

Even better news for aspiring LARP-wrights, or for anyone who has been itching to get back in the game: this year Grenselandet opens up for new LARPs. Do you have one in mind that you've alaways wanted to play? Whether it's an early sketch or a finished design, let us know! 

Or perhaps you have an idea that you want to workshop with our help? Feel free to reach out and we will assign you a facilitator to exchange ideas with and to help organize playtesting sessions. 

We are looking to program short LARPs (max. 4 hours) for small groups of players (4-40). We are interested in all formats and genres, from pervasie LARPs to scenarios, as well as genre-busting innovations. Most of our venues are black-box theatre spaces with lighting and sound equipment, but we can also provide other kinds of rooms. 

So send us your ideas and don't miss out on this oppourtunity to play at Grenselandet!

You can email us at or via our Facebook page.

Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Sound Explorers

“Sound Explorers” is an immersive experience designed by larp writer Nina Essendrop that invites participants to explore imaginary places based on soundscapes they create with their voices.

During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to get comfortable playing with their voices, alone and together. Using their voices they will be invited to create imagined changing environments through which to travel by building soundscapes. During play these separate worlds will be linked up, as all participants  journey into the fluctuating soundscape together, sometimes walking alone, sometimes reaching out to each other.

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Song of Simon

Because it was cancelled last year, we are especially happy to announce that Song of Simon (DK/NO) by Danny Meyer Wilson and Tor Kjetil Edland has been rebooked for Grenselandet 2021.

Song of Simon a freeform scenario and a quirky story for four players about two twins going to an elite Swiss Boarding school together with their two best friends and crushes at the school. Things start out as light-hearted erotica, but turns sinister, as the twins realize that one of them is slowly turning into a monster, with an increasing appetite for raw flesh. As an added bonus, two of the players will get to take on the role of Mother, the teenagers inner voices, who is constantly commenting on their actions and trying to push them to do as Mother wants.

Friday, 12 November 2021

Long Story: A Deep Time LARP

Prepare for a Long Story. This one is as long and deep as the history of the Earth. Join a multi-species cast on a journey into the future in search of better pastures. Travel hundreds, thousands, and millions of years to explore a changing, restless world: hot and swampy one era, cool and arid the next. What will you and your companions make of this shifting, fluctuating landscape? How will you adapt to its changes, and most importantly, will you find what you are looking for?

In this larp players explore the (deep) future at exponentially increasing intervals, ranging from five to five billion years from now, by embodying tough, survivor species like the jellyfish, or the Galapagos vampire finch. Thematically, the LARP addresses decay, ruination, evolution, adaptation, and species legacies. In terms of gameplay, the larp's emphasis rests squarely on communal worldbuilding, and less so on roleplay.

The larp was designed by Laura op de Beke as part of a small research project called Playing With Deep Time.

Lost and Found: Belongings that Belong

Do objects feel lost, if anything at all? Can they belong if they have no-one to belong to? Stuck in an absurdist and mundane limbo, this larp explores what it’s like to be lost property. All characters in Lost and Found are based on inanimate objects and it explores the idea that lost property items, from the moment they are forgotten, become sentient. After the initial shock of being left behind in a dusty train station, they start to organise and realise that maybe it’s possible to live without their owners.

Characters will explore how to build a community and ride the tensions that might accompany it, and confront the contemplation of their own egos. Players will also play their objects’ owners in some flashback scenes. Most of the play will be narrative driven including small amounts of movement and physical contact.

This is a larp designed by Alex Brown, who arrived at larp through situationist games and psychogeography. He's interested in the politics of play, and larp as an act of resistance – particularly in urban settings.

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

The Last Thing to Die

In this scenario-larp, designers Susanne Gräslund and Anders Hultman put their finger on the painful moments of our history, this time the oppression of Jews during World War 2. They will run their scenario The Last Thing to Die (SE) at Grenselandet this December.

The setting is Norway during the German occupation. You will play Jewish families living under an increasingly oppressive regime that confronts them with difficult choices to make, for yourself and your loved ones. Many of you will not survive, but there is always hope.

To hope is to be human. We always look for good signs, and ways out of difficult situations. We are also very bad at truly imagining the worst. This scenario is about how people can become slowly trapped, step by step, through processes of normalisation, which make us accept small sacrifices until there is no turning back from a terrible end. We often think that the bottom must have been reached now, and that it will soon become better if we just manage to endure the current hardships. We cling to what hope we have and believe that in the long run, truth and justice shall prevail.

Susanne Gräslund & Anders Hultman have previously written scenarios such as “The Testimony” and “Women”. Susanne has co-organized the larp “Knappnålshuvudet”. Anders has co-organized larps like “A nice Evening with the Family” and “Fortune & Felicity”, and he has been part of the organizational team behind the Stockholm Scenario Festival since 2013.

Monday, 25 October 2021

Dance of Destruction

Grenselandet 2021 is pleased to announce its first larp on the program: Dance of Destruction by Danish larp designer and artist Nina Essendrop.

Dance of Destruction follows people who each have a burning desire to accomplish or create something extraordinary. But dedication comes with a price, and their private, everyday existence suffers when they totally commit to their goals. Dance of destruction is about choosing whether to focus on the big dreams or the everyday joys. Like many of Nina's larps, Dance of Destruction is fairly abstract, played through movement, drawing and physical interaction. Each player gets to interpret their own story from the abstract actions they and others take.