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Saturday, 26 November 2022

Equinox Retreat

In an alternative present-day reality, the turning point of your life is exactly in the middle of it. At the equinox of your life, a symbiotic creature, known as a companion, appears. It is an external representation of your emotions and your relations, and you find yourself in a retreat to learn how to behave with your companion, so you can face the second half of your life.

Equinox Retreat a larp by Sandy Bailly. It is a low drama feelgood larp about impactful relationships, mid-life and acceptance.

Friday, 25 November 2022

A Ceremony for Hope

We lost the game. The world is dying. The extreme Floods, the Heatwaves, the Forest fires: they are all everyday events now. And the last known Swan just died.

This larp, designed by Nina Lund Westerdahl and Thibault Schiemann, is set 40 years from now, when a group meets to hold a ceremony for the dying world. The characters are built from the player's real live life experience, and their dreams for the future. But are our individual desires and those we cherish for the world even realistically compatible?

Thursday, 24 November 2022

Controlled Remote Viewing

Designed by Mark Durkan and Erlend Sand Bruer, this larp is a re-creation of elements from real psychic espionage programmes developed during the Cold War. It is structured as a training course to develop psychic skills. The players take on characters who are interested in paranormal experiences and want to learn “controlled remote viewing.” This is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, using extrasensory perception or “sensing” with the mind.

Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Let's Dance

What's better than larping than larping with music? In Let's Dance by Marcel Oerlemans and Ylva Otting, a group of friends who used to make music together reunite to a soundtrack of songs by Queen: including bangers like Under Pressure, Don't Stop Me Now, and Somebody to Love. Are you all still the same people you used to be, or have you changed? Prepare for dancing, singing, makeup and crossdressing and most importantly: drama!

Thursday, 10 November 2022

Phone Home

Phone Home is a larp by Kalle Grey about death in space. An incident happens, consigning a group of astronauts to certain death. They can use what power remains in their space ship to call home one last time to say farewell to their loved ones on earth.

Through innovative design and by engaging themes of hierarchy, Phone Home subverts assumptions of fair play. Players will have to make harsh decisions on how to split the time that's available between the astronauts, and it is impossible to do it in a way that pleases everyone.

Monday, 31 October 2022

What Might Have Been

They say the world is ending. Back in the city, the tabloid headlines screamed ASTEROID WILL KILL US ALL IN 2021, while eggheads on TV said it would probably fly by. But here, on this farm in the middle of nowhere, there’s just the radio, blending this multitude of stories into a more and more uniform hum.

There’s a group of us here, waiting for the end, forgotten by the rest of humanity. We are very different people, with different reasons to be here, but the end of days seems to be bringing us closer together. Stripped of our jobs, mortgages and everyday lives, we’re all just people here, trying to make sense of things and saying our goodbyes. Today, we’re celebrating a wedding – perhaps the last one any of us will ever see – and afterwards, someone will have to do the dishes. We have one last year to fill with meaning.

A LARP by Karolina Soltys and David Owen.

Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Rum, Sodomy, and the Noose

This LARP designed by Laurie Innes is about queering history, illicit sexual subcultures, repression, and the diversity of expressions of companionship. Rum, Sodomy, and the Noose explores the interior sexual landscape of the men of a Napoleonic-era British warship the HMS Africaine. A culture of sodomy and sexual acts has evolved on board. Sodomy carries the death penalty, and this LARP will end with two characters being executed. The players will explore the landscape of 'lust and risk' that leads up to these deaths, but the focus of the larp is not death, but rather the messy, complicated relationships of the characters.

The larp features exclusively male characters, but the players need not identify as male. It also features sexual themes, but involves no acting out of these sexual encounters. It is about queering history by allowing the players to develop a group of characters with wildly varying interior sexual worlds, and see how they create a shared culture. We then see how this culture is fractured when society pulls back on the reins.

Content Warnings: The sexual landscape that this larp explores (though steering clear of abuse or rape) would not be considered ‘healthy’ by modern standards, and thus this larp is unsuitable for people triggered by unequal power relationships or abuse.