The Dates for Grenselandet 2022 are December 9th and 10th. More information is coming.
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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

End(less) Story

In the near future the world has ended and in the silent moments that follow a group of the last humans lingers outside of time and space. Before they can move on to whatever comes next, this group must dive into their lived experiences to find little snippets of their lives, which they write down and weave together, creating a fingerprint of the world that no longer exists.

End(less) Story is a LARP designed by Nina Runa Essendrop, that engages themes of letting go, memory, and coming to terms with the end of a lifetime.

Sunday, 18 September 2022


In Encore, designed by Jeppe Bergmann Hamming, Maria Bergmann and Ras Bolding, players are invited to a grand and ominous party bridging centuries, where classical opera meets punk and electronica. Participants live out the greatest dramas of theater history in an experience that merges larp and a night out night club.
In this alternative opera reality the wizard Prospero is hosting a party tonight. And when Prospero celebrates, everyone of importance shows up – and that is you!
While the party lasts, the greatest fates will meet and sparks will fly. We will love, hate, fight, regret and maybe die – while the music pumps. For in Operaworld you are driven towards your destiny, every word you say has power over reality and stories always have dramatic endings.
You play a character based on a classical opera and explore the story of it. You will create your own narrative as we give you the opportunity to mix and blend the opera stories.
The scenario alternates between two types of scenes – the concert, where the artist Ras Bolding performs from the stage and the music is at the center, and the party, where words have the power to shape destinies. So you will both be at a concert and take part in a larp.
The music is a punked up mix of opera and electronica, the stories are classics, the drama is grandiose.

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

The Unquiet Veil

We are happy to announce our first larp for 2022.

The Unquiet Veil by Áron Birtalan is a low-key role-playing experience / fictional workshop where players are guided through playful and mystical activities in which they develop their own practice of 'everyday death magick', make a pact with an imaginary entity, and create a spellbook that they take with themselves after the event. 

The experience brings together pretend-play magick, electronic music, office protocols and playful more-than-human imagination. It also features a synthesizer that casts spells, a band of singing undertakers and lots of metaphysical bureaucracy.

Saturday, 18 June 2022

Call for LARPs Grenselandet 2022

 Save the date for Grenselandet 2022! On 9-10 December the stage is set to see old friends, make new ones, and play LARPs across a series of exciting locations in the city of Oslo. 

Even better news for aspiring LARP-wrights, or for anyone who has been itching to get back in the game: this year Grenselandet opens up for new LARPs. Do you have one in mind that you've alaways wanted to play? Whether it's an early sketch or a finished design, let us know! 

Or perhaps you have an idea that you want to workshop with our help? Feel free to reach out and we will assign you a facilitator to exchange ideas with and to help organize playtesting sessions. 

We are looking to program short LARPs (max. 4 hours) for small groups of players (4-40). We are interested in all formats and genres, from pervasie LARPs to scenarios, as well as genre-busting innovations. Most of our venues are black-box theatre spaces with lighting and sound equipment, but we can also provide other kinds of rooms. 

So send us your ideas and don't miss out on this oppourtunity to play at Grenselandet!

You can email us at or via our Facebook page.

Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Sound Explorers

“Sound Explorers” is an immersive experience designed by larp writer Nina Essendrop that invites participants to explore imaginary places based on soundscapes they create with their voices.

During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to get comfortable playing with their voices, alone and together. Using their voices they will be invited to create imagined changing environments through which to travel by building soundscapes. During play these separate worlds will be linked up, as all participants  journey into the fluctuating soundscape together, sometimes walking alone, sometimes reaching out to each other.

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Song of Simon

Because it was cancelled last year, we are especially happy to announce that Song of Simon (DK/NO) by Danny Meyer Wilson and Tor Kjetil Edland has been rebooked for Grenselandet 2021.

Song of Simon a freeform scenario and a quirky story for four players about two twins going to an elite Swiss Boarding school together with their two best friends and crushes at the school. Things start out as light-hearted erotica, but turns sinister, as the twins realize that one of them is slowly turning into a monster, with an increasing appetite for raw flesh. As an added bonus, two of the players will get to take on the role of Mother, the teenagers inner voices, who is constantly commenting on their actions and trying to push them to do as Mother wants.

Friday, 12 November 2021

Long Story: A Deep Time LARP

Prepare for a Long Story. This one is as long and deep as the history of the Earth. Join a multi-species cast on a journey into the future in search of better pastures. Travel hundreds, thousands, and millions of years to explore a changing, restless world: hot and swampy one era, cool and arid the next. What will you and your companions make of this shifting, fluctuating landscape? How will you adapt to its changes, and most importantly, will you find what you are looking for?

In this larp players explore the (deep) future at exponentially increasing intervals, ranging from five to five billion years from now, by embodying tough, survivor species like the jellyfish, or the Galapagos vampire finch. Thematically, the LARP addresses decay, ruination, evolution, adaptation, and species legacies. In terms of gameplay, the larp's emphasis rests squarely on communal worldbuilding, and less so on roleplay.

The larp was designed by Laura op de Beke as part of a small research project called Playing With Deep Time.