The Dates for Grenselandet 2022 are December 9th and 10th.
Get your tickets at Tikkio (click orange box below)! There are still about 15 tickets left. Signup for individual larps closes Wednesday the 7th at 13:00! So if you want to pre-register for what to play, you need to buy your ticket now.
We will also sell tickets at the door for larps with available spots, but there is no guarantee you will get a spot on the larp you want. Please note that to attend the Grenselandet party, you need to have bought a ticket.
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Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Ancient Hours

Two demi-gods, Love and Memory, are being held captive by humans on different sides of the globe. They are being tortured and pressured into giving up some of their powers to their tormentors. Conjuring their joint abilities, however, they manage to meet in their common memories.

Ancient Hours is a VR larp by Nadja Lipsyc and Joffe Rydberg that touches on themes like symbolic torture, mourning, breakup, captivity, love, and romance. It will be playtested at Grenselandet.

Content warning: Alternating between IRL claustrophobia, confinement, and VR open worlds. Players must be okay with spending time in VR (bright screen close to the face). It's possible to wear glasses, but not very comfortable. Players must be able to sit and stand several times during the experience (not recommended to very painful knees). Players must be okay with being touched (back, shoulders, hands). Players must be okay with having people guiding them while they are in VR, thus blinded (through light touch (shoulder/arms) and voice.

Monday, 5 December 2022


We are all Taylor. ❤️ Taylor Swift ❤️ In this larp by Charles Bo Nielsen everyone gets to play Taylor. Each player gets to pick a specific song to build their version of Taylor around. Nerdy, country, brainy, slutty? By digging into her multifaceted public persona this larp touches on topics like lovers, haters, friendship, and feminism


B.Y.O.B. is a comedy larp designed by Yauheniya Siadova, Nastassia Sinitsyna, and Alisa Matavilava. It tells the story of childhood friends who are now adults, between 30–35 years old. They love to party and drink a lot. However all of them have strong reasons to quit drinking. Tonight is their last chance to have a raging drinking session and to look back on all the crazy stuff they've done.

Seaside Prison

Seaside Prison is set in an alternative reality where Åland Islands are under military siege like real world Gaza. You play two families who live as neighbours - family drama and wedding preparations. Their daily life is interrupted by bombings where some of the family members die. For more information check out the webpage:

Created by Kaisa Kangas (larp), Martin Nielsen (larp), Mohamad Rabah (larp), Essi Santala (lights), Hannu Sinervä (sound), and Joona Pettersson (video projection).

The Becoming

The Becoming is an experimental larp by Miles Lizak. You play a new being in a vast universe. This much you know: Your people explore the cosmos by sending new beings like you and your fellows into it, to build themselves and be built by the places they encounter. You are essentially a blank slate. Tabula rasa. Through different stages of observation and ritual, your people can adapt and assimilate to any environment.

The Things We Left Behind

Regardless of our varied reasons to migrate, the journey always begins with packing. While some might have the luxury of time and the resources to contemplate what to bring, others only have only a moment’s notice to take what they can. This larp, designed by Eliot Moleba, invites you to traverse the layers of things we lose and gain, the challenges and opportunities we meet in the process of migrating.


In this larp, designed by Maïna Joner, you will embody the different actors of the region of Oslo, human or non-human, who have an impact on how the region changes. You gather to decide on a course of action after crucial events happen in localized areas. How the future will unfold is dependent on your choices, and all of you wish to have your voice heard. You are like a big family, but like in every family, there are tensions, unspoken allegiances and disagreements.

Will wild animals take over the urban landscape? Will technology protect the capital from floods? Will the inhabitants of Oslo cohabitate with nature in symbiosis? It is up to you!