The Dates for Grenselandet 2022 are December 9th and 10th.
Get your tickets at Tikkio (click orange box below)! There are still about 15 tickets left. Signup for individual larps closes Wednesday the 7th at 13:00! So if you want to pre-register for what to play, you need to buy your ticket now.
We will also sell tickets at the door for larps with available spots, but there is no guarantee you will get a spot on the larp you want. Please note that to attend the Grenselandet party, you need to have bought a ticket.
If you have a ticket, you should have received a newsletter on Sunday, with info on how to sign up for the individual larps. If you cannot find it, please check your spam folder.

The larps (2014)

For descriptions of the larps, see the news section from the menu on the left.


Falling Through the Cracks (SV) - By Elin Gissén.
Beginning (DK) - By Nina Runa Essendrop
Killed in the Name of Honour (PA) - By Bisan Samareh, Riham Kharroub and Urieb Samad. Directed by Bisan Samareh and Riham Kharroub
Waiting (SV) - Samuel Bäck, Joel Östlund and Martin Rother-Schirren
The Boy and The Milk (DK) - By Tina Arbjørn Hebøll and Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn
Innocence (DK) - By Nina Runa Essendrop
Movie House (BY) - By Nadja Trutniova and Masha Asayonak
Single? (DK) - Louise Amalie Juul Sønderskov and Claus Raasted. Directed by Louise Amalie Juul Sønderskov and Anna Emilie Groth
Before and After Silence (NO) - By Fredrik Hossmann
Old & Wise (NL) - By Jantine van den Bosch
Are you trying to be funny? (NO) - By Andreas Dørum
Shards (SV) - By Gustav Nilsson and Staffan Fladvad
Love in the Age of Debasement (NO) - By Erlend Eidsem Hansen and Geir Tore Brenne
The Heist (NL) - By Ruben de Boer
Endgame (NO) - By Hans Olai Martinsen and Anne Marie Stamnestrø. Directed by Anne Marie Stamnestrø
Agreement no 101 - By Masha Bugayova, Zhenya Karachun and Olya Rudak
Carnage (RU) - By Maria Raczynska
The Great Afterparty (NO) - By Elin Nilsen, Erlend Eidsem Hansen and Frida Sofie Jansen. Directed by Elin Nilsen
A mother's Heart (NO) - By Christina Christensen and Eirik Fatland


I Say a Little Prayer (NO) - By Tor Kjetil Edland
In your hands (SV) - By Karin Ryding
Under the Rainbow (DK) - By Nina Runa Essendrop
Stereo Hearts (DK) - By Helene Willer Piironen and Maria Ljung. Directed by Helene Willer Piironen

Last year's programme can be found here.

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