Didn't get a ticket? - there is still a chance If you turn up at the door you can get a last minute ticket for a larp if there are vacant spots. This will cost NOK 150 (NOK 100 dicsounted). If you don't get a spot on a larp you will not have to pay anything. Previous years, we have been able to find a spot for last minute tickets about 80% of the time, so the odds are quite good.

Can I join the party even if not participating at Grenselandet? You need a ticket to come in. You can pay the price of a last minute ticket (NOK 150/100) even though you are not playing if you only want to join the party. Or better - you can sign up to help us with pratical stuff (mostly cooking) - and we will both feed you, love you and throw you a party. To volunteer, please contact us at

The larps (2014)

For descriptions of the larps, see the news section from the menu on the left.


Falling Through the Cracks (SV) - By Elin Gissén.
Beginning (DK) - By Nina Runa Essendrop
Killed in the Name of Honour (PA) - By Bisan Samareh, Riham Kharroub and Urieb Samad. Directed by Bisan Samareh and Riham Kharroub
Waiting (SV) - Samuel Bäck, Joel Östlund and Martin Rother-Schirren
The Boy and The Milk (DK) - By Tina Arbjørn Hebøll and Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn
Innocence (DK) - By Nina Runa Essendrop
Movie House (BY) - By Nadja Trutniova and Masha Asayonak
Single? (DK) - Louise Amalie Juul Sønderskov and Claus Raasted. Directed by Louise Amalie Juul Sønderskov and Anna Emilie Groth
Before and After Silence (NO) - By Fredrik Hossmann
Old & Wise (NL) - By Jantine van den Bosch
Are you trying to be funny? (NO) - By Andreas Dørum
Shards (SV) - By Gustav Nilsson and Staffan Fladvad
Love in the Age of Debasement (NO) - By Erlend Eidsem Hansen and Geir Tore Brenne
The Heist (NL) - By Ruben de Boer
Endgame (NO) - By Hans Olai Martinsen and Anne Marie Stamnestrø. Directed by Anne Marie Stamnestrø
Agreement no 101 - By Masha Bugayova, Zhenya Karachun and Olya Rudak
Carnage (RU) - By Maria Raczynska
The Great Afterparty (NO) - By Elin Nilsen, Erlend Eidsem Hansen and Frida Sofie Jansen. Directed by Elin Nilsen
A mother's Heart (NO) - By Christina Christensen and Eirik Fatland


I Say a Little Prayer (NO) - By Tor Kjetil Edland
In your hands (SV) - By Karin Ryding
Under the Rainbow (DK) - By Nina Runa Essendrop
Stereo Hearts (DK) - By Helene Willer Piironen and Maria Ljung. Directed by Helene Willer Piironen

Last year's programme can be found here.

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