2017 Ticket sales - now open!

Grenselandet will take place on October 6th and 7th in Oslo. Tickets costs from NOK 75 to NOK 500. (If you are under 26 and has never been to Grenselandet before, use the code NEW for a NOK 75 ticket).

Programme - 2017


Wanderers above the Sea of Fog (IT)
By Oscar Biffi

Three con artists. A fake painting. An almost perfect plan

To the Wonder (NO)
By Karete Jacobsen Meland and Martin Nielsen

A feelgood fairytale about children looking for the rainbow

No island is an island (DK)
By Nina Runa Essendrop

Create fictive islands together using soundscapes

Sexcraft (NO)
By Frida Sofie Jansen and Tor Kjetil Edland

Comedy about voice actors for hentai movies


Welcome, Souls (BY)
By Zhenia Karachun, Maria Karachun, Olga Rudak, Nastassia Sinitsyna

A sandbox scenario where you have to adress existential questions after land of the dead

Till the end of the line (IT)
By Oscar Biffi

Two characters meeting in several different dimensions simultaneously

A Home for the Old (DK)
By Frederik Berg

A tragicomic scenario about old roleplayers with Alzheimer’s syndrome

Human experience (DK)
By Nina Runa Essendrop

Ancient consciousnesses shortly waking up to experience the life through a human body

Time Eclipse (BY)
By Tatsiana Smaliak and Elena Rabkina

Relationships between time travellers


Socialismo y Muerte (DK)
By Jorgo Kapow

Punkers in authoritarian cuba, willing to get AIDS in return for a life away from Castro’s regime

M/S Kristina (SV)
By Eva Wei and Rosalind Göthberg

Boat refugees on a dangerous journey, having left everything behind in hope for a better future

1984 (DK)
By Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn and Michael Sonne Jørgensen

Orwell’s classic played out with drumsticks and rythms

Other bodies (FI)
By Myrtti Lehtinen

Trans and queer bodies and a game of truth and dare

Born under a bad star
By Nicolai Strøm Steffensen

A musical journey into a dystopia of darkness, uniformity and loneliness

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