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Programme - 2015

We will start releasing the 2016 programme shortly. Below is the programme for 2015.


Dagon (RU) by Yuri Nekrasov and Maria Raczynska. Directed by Maria Raczynska.
Chaos Situation (PA) by Mohamad Rabah
Ghosts (DK) by Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo and Martin Qvist. Directed by Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo.
In your hands (DK/SV/ES) by Åsa Nilsson, Simon James Pettitt, Lea Pullerits. Directed by Lea Pullertis.
Settled? (DK) by Anna Emilie Groth and Louise Amalie Juul Sønderskov
Made for each other (NO) by Stine Haugen and Jeanita Hatlestrand
The Hospitality (SV) by Ebba Petrén, Gabriel Widing and Tova Gerge
A long way home (BY) by Masha Bugayova, Zhenja Karachun, Nastassia Sinitsyna, Tatsiana Smaliak and Olga Rudak
Miss Dahl (NL) by Jip Philips
Requiem for a Dream (ES) by Nast Marrero
All the Little Boys Are Dead (DK) by Frederik Berg & Rasmus Høgdall. Directed by Rasmus Høgdall & Kristoffer Thurøe.
Flowers of May (FR) by Muriel Algayres
Knock knock, who's there (NL) by Isak Speelt and Eric Vinken. Directed by Eric Vinken
Inside I’m a puppy (BY) by Aleksandra Franskevich, Nadja Trutniova, Yauheniya Siadova and Natasha Smolnikova
Bring your own bottle (BY) - Nastassia Sinitsyna, Yauheniya Siadova and Alisa Matavilava
These Are the Days of Our Lives (UK) - By Mo Holkar
Real Men (UK) - By Mo Holkar and Kevin Burns
Encircling (NO) - By Åslaug Ullerud and Leif Amund Lie
Animus (SV) - By Carolina Dahlberg and Karl Ytterberg. Directed by Carolina Dahlberg.
Life on a string (NL) - By Jantine van den Bosch.
Helianthus land (BY) - By By Masha Bugayova, Zhenya Karachun, Olya Rudak and Nastassia Sinitsyna
Mono (NO) - By Fredrik Hossmann
Beyond the Barricades (SV) - By Eva Wei and Rosalind Göthberg
Cherry, dust, chair (NO) - By Frida Sofie Jansen
The things we left behind (DK) - By Anna Emilie Groth and Danny Meyer Wilson


Son of Israel (DK) by Sanne Harder.
Deranged (DK) - By Jeppe Bergmann Hamming and Maria Bergmann Hamming
Alice (DK) - By Nina Runa Essendrop


My Other Life (DK) by Peter Munthe-Kaas and Nina Runa Essendrop

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