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Tuesday 11 April 2023

Call for Programme 2023

We want your larps! Whether you’re a seasoned larp-wright or just a rookie, Grenselandet is committed to fostering new designs and encouraging experimentation.

Grenselandet will take place on Oct 13th and 14th 2023. 

This year we want to provoke your creativity with a theme: elemental. “Elemental” larps can be hot and steamy, light and airy, or grounded in history and lived experience. They might engage with the powers of nature or feature beings associated with the elements like gnomes and water sprites. Understood differently, elemental larps can also showcase aspects that are fundamental or typical of chamber larp. Finally, elemental larps make the best of their environments, which at Grenselandet 2023 will include the usual blackbox spaces, a yoga studio, and a Sauna!

We have the following requirements for all our larps (although we sometimes make exceptions)
- Designer should attend Grenselandet to run the larp (this also means a script is not required)
- No player preparations should be required
- Max duration: 4 hours (workshop time + runtime)
- Sauna larps: max 1 hour 45 min workshop (not in sauna) + max 1 hour 45 runtime (in sauna) You can submit your pitch here!

Grenselandet requires the designer to be present at the festival. Larp designers do not have to pay a participant fee, but have to pay for the travel themselves. We do however have a fund that can give travel grants to 4-6 designers who otherwise cannot afford to travel to Norway. Costs for props can also be reimbursed by the festival. If you want to stay in Oslo without paying for a hotel or hostel, it is usually possible to find a host among the local larpers if you post on the facebook-event some weeks before the festival. For designers, the Grenselandet organizers may also help out with this.

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