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Wednesday 7 December 2022

Ancient Hours

Two demi-gods, Love and Memory, are being held captive by humans on different sides of the globe. They are being tortured and pressured into giving up some of their powers to their tormentors. Conjuring their joint abilities, however, they manage to meet in their common memories.

Ancient Hours is a VR larp by Nadja Lipsyc and Joffe Rydberg that touches on themes like symbolic torture, mourning, breakup, captivity, love, and romance. It will be playtested at Grenselandet.

Content warning: Alternating between IRL claustrophobia, confinement, and VR open worlds. Players must be okay with spending time in VR (bright screen close to the face). It's possible to wear glasses, but not very comfortable. Players must be able to sit and stand several times during the experience (not recommended to very painful knees). Players must be okay with being touched (back, shoulders, hands). Players must be okay with having people guiding them while they are in VR, thus blinded (through light touch (shoulder/arms) and voice.

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