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Monday, 24 August 2020

Memories in Concrete

Today, we can announce the second larp from our challenge on making corona resilient larps: Memories in Concrete (UK/FR) by Michael Such and Nadja Lipsyc explores new ways of using technology to bridge larp and the real world.

Something bad happened and now you are in pieces. Trauma has scattered your memories and identity all over a concrete jungle. Can you make yourself whole again?

Together we will try, playing as pieces of the same person. One of you will be our Ego, mapping memories at a Grenselandet venue. The rest of you will be playing outdoors in Oslo or your own city. You will explore the urban space and recollect memories and emotions, in contact with other players over voice and video. Together, we will reconstruct our protagonist, their life and memories across the years. In the end you will have a collective decision to make via video call:

Who or what will be forgotten for good?

The experience lasts for two hours including briefing and debriefing. You will need a smartphone with roaming data, headphones, and to be dressed appropriately for walking outside.

NB! This larp might be possible to participate in even if you are not physically present at Grenselandet. More info will come regarding this.

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