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Sunday 30 August 2020

Die Lassie! Die!

The next larp from our dinner party challenge is "Die Lassie! Die!" (DK) - a film noir inspired larp by Julie Streit Pilegaard. This larp is not a dinner party in the traditional sense - but rather a group of mobsters around a table in a dirty back room of a London pub.

Nothing helps to hide violent crimes and murdered bodies in her dark narrow streets as 1946’s London.

In a small room behind a gritty pub, a gang of small time hardened mobsters meet to cool down and wipe off the blood after a botched robbery. Drinks are poured and conversation starts to flow, as they talk about their jobs, old times, and wait for their friend to return with words from The Boss.

Soon everything takes a deadly turn. 

All of them are soon to discover that nothing they know about themself and each other are as it seems.


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