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Tuesday 11 August 2020

Grenselandet 2020 - Covid-19 Notice

Currently, we plan that Grenselandet 2020 will go ahead as a physical event on Oct 9th-10th. Under current regulations from Norwegian Health Authorities, the event can go ahead, although we will take several measures to limit the risk of transmitting disease. This decision is of course subject to change if the advice from the Norwegian Health Authorities change.

We have taken the following steps to make a safe event for everyone:

POSSIBLE REFUNDS: If you as a ticket holder need to cancel your participation because of Corona travel restrictions or because you have symptoms on Covid-19 which means you should stay at home, we will offer you a refund in the form of a voucher for next year's event.

If Grenselandet is cancelled entirely, all ticket holders will get a refund in the form of a voucher for next year's event. 

REMOTE PARTICIPATION: Some larps will have the possibility of participating remotely. These spots are intended for people who cannot attend the physical event. We will come back with further information.

DOWNSIZING: We have downsized the event, and the number of tickets will be fewer than previous years, to make it easier to keep social distance during the larps and in the hangout space. We currently plan for 80 tickets, but this is subject to change.

NO FOOD SALES: It will not be possible to buy food at Slurpen this year. We will provide coffee, tea and water and it will also be possible to buy some snacks/candy.

GENERAL ADVICE: In addition to these changes, we will design for a festival where people can follow the general advice on social distancing, washing of hands etc.

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