The Dates for Grenselandet 2020 are October 9th and 10th. More information is coming.
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Sunday, 24 May 2020

Call for larp pitches

We want your larp ideas for Grenselandet 2020. Make a corona resilient larp or a dinner party larp!

We do not yet know which rules that will be in place when Grenselandet takes place in October, but unfortunately there is a risk that there will still be in place travel restrictions, social distancing rules and caps for the size of cultural events. Yet, we will do everything we can to run the event as closely as possible to what we have now done for 10 years. While we will continue to run high quality playtested larps, we also want to open up for new experiments this year through two challenges: Corona resilient larps or Dinner party larps.

A Corona-resilient larp is a larp that can accomodate one or more of the following criteria:

- Possibility for one or more players to play over video link.
- Possibility to play it even though players have to always be at least 1 metre apart.
- Scalability with regards to number of players
- In other regards adept to the corona situation
- Maximum four hours including workshops, no preparations required by the players

A dinner party larp fits the following criteria:

- Takes place around a dinner table
- Can be played in a regular dining room
- Lasts maximum one and a half hour (incl workshops)
- Rigging time takes maximum 30 mins
- 1-8 participants

Send your larp suggestion to us before July 1st, via the following link. If your larp is selected, you will get to attend Grenselandet free of charge.

Submit your suggestion here


  1. A call of cathulu LARP (as the table top) were you play with sanity levels.
    It's low fantasy, with cults and getting slowly more insane by the knodlegde you gain.

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