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Friday 3 October 2014

Last five larps

Today we are releasing the remaining programme for Grenselandet. The following larps will be added to the programme:

Carnage (RU)
The Great Afterparty (NO)
Under the Rainbow (DK)
Stereo Hearts (DK)
A mother's Heart (NO)

Carnage - By Maria Raczynska

Two people (each character is played by a group of players) have recently started a relationship. They are both committed to their other half and want a serious relationship, but each one has stories from the past behind them, and everyone’s behavior is far from ideal. Through the game the players will have to choose whether to succumb to the desires, passions, jealousy and self-indulgence that they’re going to face through the years of their personal history, or to make an effort and try to resist it.

Picture: Maria Raczynska

The Great Afterparty - By Elin Nilsen, Erlend Eidsem Hansen and Frida Sofie Jansen. Directed by Elin Nilsen.

This is a comedy that plays with the stereotypes of larpers, fantasy larp and post-larp parties. In this larp, the players portray a bunch of excited larpers meeting over a beer just after a classic fantasy larp in the forest. Players will both create the story of the fantasy larp they just finished and play out the consequences it has for relationships at the after-party. Did the princess fall in love with the orc? Why did the general steal the magic feather from the bard, and are they kissing in that corner? The larp belongs to the players, anything can happen, and anything that can happen has already happened in the larp-within-a-larp, Mist over Goblin Peak.

Under the Rainbow - By Nina Runa Essendrop

Three characters inspired by The Wizard of Oz meet for a journey. One of them want to be beautiful, one of them want to be wise and one want to be popular. A small poetic freeform scenario about how fragile we all are.

Stereo Hearts (DK) - By Helene Willer Piironen and Maria Ljung. Directed by Helene Willer Piironen

Music is your way of communicating. You try to express yourself with it. Sometimes it goes as intended and sometimes… it just… whatever. That was not what you meant. You still try to fill in the gaps, the only way you know how.

You will be playing five unfinished characters trapped in fragments of fiction. Now you have to tell your stories through music and monologues.

A mother's Heart (NO) - By Christina Christensen and Eirik Fatland

A Mother’s Heart is a Kafkaesque drama about a court's questioning and prosecuting of mothers about their sub-par parenting skills. This larp takes place in a courtroom setting with prosecutors, defendants and an unlimited number of people acting as witnesses. A participating audience --the peanut gallery-- is also present, making the larp a good introduction for non-larpers/spectators. This is a larp which questions our societal systems, social interactions and the consequences of expressing random judgements.

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