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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Back from Vilnius - announcing US scenario!

Some of the Grenselandet organizers have been in Vilnius for a few days to attend The Larporatory. 19 of the participants from The Larpwriter Summer School returned to Vilnius for an intense 3-days programme that ended up with eight brand new, playtested chamberlarps! And we are ecstatic about how much great material we saw! We really hope to make space for at least a little bit of the Larporatory material although the Grenselandet programme is almost full.

Our trip to Vilnius also is the reason why the website hasn't been updated lately. But now we are back on track.

Today, we are very pleased to announce the first ever American scenario to be run by its creator on Grenselandet. Lizzie Stark, author of Leaving Mundania, is coming over to run The Curse, her freeform scenario about breast cancer.

The Curse has received praise for the way the participants learns about the unbearable choice the bearer of the BRCA-gene has to make, and the psychological and physical consequences of the choice. The curse was nominated for Best Presentation at Fastaval earlier this year.

"The Road Not Taken" was the first US scenario to be run at Grenselandet in 2010 after being nominated in The Larpwriter challenge, but without its creator present. The Curse will be the first American sceario according to the Grenselandet policy (to be run by its creator).

Read more about The Curse on the larps page.

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