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Monday 15 October 2012

More good stuff from Denmark

Grenslandet organizers went to Blackbox Copenhagen, the Danish blackbox larp scene’s annual experimental playground. And we were impressed. Really impressed. So despite the fact that half of this year’s program already consist of Danish games, we couldn’t resist inviting another two. Two years ago we had "From Sweden with tape" as a theme for Grenselandet, 2012 seems to be the year of the Danes.

“Hvit død” (White death) is an extraordinary game using very simple scenography to tell a tragic story in a poetic way. “It is one of the most beautiful games I have played”, says Grenselandet organizer Martin Nielsen. “It masterly manages to portray manhood’s story of how lack of communication leads to tragedy despite the best intentions. Although using an abstract setting and a design staying clear of techniques designed to make the players feel close to home, this was a very strong emotional experience and a game with wonderful esthetics”, says Nielsen.

The second Danish game, “Retropolis”, is set in a dystopian future based on the film Metropolis from 1927. A theatre-style larp where the story is directed from the organizers. The game uses the players not present in a scene in a very innovative way, as they are playing the scenography. “The Retropolis designers have paid a lot of attention to making the game easy to play. Using full transparency, information through several channels and clear options for play they allow the players to spend their energy on the acting rather than figuring out what will be the right thing to do. This game is innovative and interesting for an experienced player, but also a very good introductory game for people who want to play a larp for the first time”, the organizer comments.

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