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Thursday 18 October 2012

Give your input to Knutepunkt 2013

In the spirit of the theme for Knutepunkt 2013, the organizers wish to welcome all of you to share your thoughts and ideas for next years conference. The day after Grenselandet, you are very welcome to nurse your hangover while you join us for a relaxed discussion in Bilioteket (the Library), Chateau Nuef.

You might have a great idea we really need to hear, a thought on something that should be done different this year, or maybe you just want to take part and listen in. We want to exploit the fact that you are here for Grenselandet so that your two cents can be part of next years show!

Sunday November 25th, 15.00 hrs at Biblioteket (the Library), Chateau Neuf you will be able to do all of the above, maybe even more. We have prepared a small workshop that will give you the oportunity to share and discuss your input on the book, the program, week-in Norway and of course the event in it self.

Hope to see you there!

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