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Monday 31 October 2022

What Might Have Been

They say the world is ending. Back in the city, the tabloid headlines screamed ASTEROID WILL KILL US ALL IN 2021, while eggheads on TV said it would probably fly by. But here, on this farm in the middle of nowhere, there’s just the radio, blending this multitude of stories into a more and more uniform hum.

There’s a group of us here, waiting for the end, forgotten by the rest of humanity. We are very different people, with different reasons to be here, but the end of days seems to be bringing us closer together. Stripped of our jobs, mortgages and everyday lives, we’re all just people here, trying to make sense of things and saying our goodbyes. Today, we’re celebrating a wedding – perhaps the last one any of us will ever see – and afterwards, someone will have to do the dishes. We have one last year to fill with meaning.

A LARP by Karolina Soltys and David Owen.

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