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Saturday 18 June 2022

Call for LARPs Grenselandet 2022

 Save the date for Grenselandet 2022! On 9-10 December the stage is set to see old friends, make new ones, and play LARPs across a series of exciting locations in the city of Oslo. 

Even better news for aspiring LARP-wrights, or for anyone who has been itching to get back in the game: this year Grenselandet opens up for new LARPs. Do you have one in mind that you've alaways wanted to play? Whether it's an early sketch or a finished design, let us know! 

Or perhaps you have an idea that you want to workshop with our help? Feel free to reach out and we will assign you a facilitator to exchange ideas with and to help organize playtesting sessions. 

We are looking to program short LARPs (max. 4 hours) for small groups of players (4-40). We are interested in all formats and genres, from pervasie LARPs to scenarios, as well as genre-busting innovations. Most of our venues are black-box theatre spaces with lighting and sound equipment, but we can also provide other kinds of rooms. 

So send us your ideas and don't miss out on this oppourtunity to play at Grenselandet!

You can email us at or via our Facebook page.

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