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Wednesday 10 November 2021

The Last Thing to Die

In this scenario-larp, designers Susanne Gräslund and Anders Hultman put their finger on the painful moments of our history, this time the oppression of Jews during World War 2. They will run their scenario The Last Thing to Die (SE) at Grenselandet this December.

The setting is Norway during the German occupation. You will play Jewish families living under an increasingly oppressive regime that confronts them with difficult choices to make, for yourself and your loved ones. Many of you will not survive, but there is always hope.

To hope is to be human. We always look for good signs, and ways out of difficult situations. We are also very bad at truly imagining the worst. This scenario is about how people can become slowly trapped, step by step, through processes of normalisation, which make us accept small sacrifices until there is no turning back from a terrible end. We often think that the bottom must have been reached now, and that it will soon become better if we just manage to endure the current hardships. We cling to what hope we have and believe that in the long run, truth and justice shall prevail.

Susanne Gräslund & Anders Hultman have previously written scenarios such as “The Testimony” and “Women”. Susanne has co-organized the larp “Knappnålshuvudet”. Anders has co-organized larps like “A nice Evening with the Family” and “Fortune & Felicity”, and he has been part of the organizational team behind the Stockholm Scenario Festival since 2013.

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