The Dates for Grenselandet 2020 are October 9th and 10th. More information is coming.
You can buy your ticket at Tikkio (click orange box below)!

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

You can still join us!

Grenselandet will be small this year - but you will not be alone in the black box! Come and join us! 

This year's festival will be special - with many fewer participants and larps than a normal year. But we still think it will be a memorable experience. We have had many cancellations, and we are now offering more tickets for those who still want to join. Most of the larps in the programme do still have spots. It's also very OK to join only because you want to join the evening programme - but you still need a ticket.

Some of the things we have to offer:

  • More than 10 amazing larps
  • A place to gather before and after the larps - with safe distancing in place
  • A small concert Friday night
  • Video link to a larper's retreat in Belarus
  • A special event for Saturday night

You may also buy a ticket at the door, but you make life easier for everybody if you buy it in advance. 

Buy your last-minute ticket here.

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