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Sunday 16 August 2020

First challenge larp: Simarilium

Before the summer, we had a challenge where we invited people to pitch larps for two formats: Corona resilient larps, and Dinner party larps. The latter is 2-hour larps taking place around a fixed dinner table (with 1 metre between each person, at least for now).

Corona resilient larps are larps that either accomodate playing without physical contact and/or accomodate digital participation or other means to make it available despite corona-restrictions.

We have selected a handful of larps, and are happy to present the first one: Simarilium (NO) by Frida Sofie Jansen.

What if you had chosen the other road.

What if you had walked away from that argument? 

What if the one you never said hi to could be the love of your life?

Simarilium is a story of what ifs, of a group of friends and how the choices they make and the chances that happen to them could change everything.

The larp will take place in more than one venue at the same time, where the players will portrait the same grouo of characters. Through video link the players of the different venues will always be able to look "into the mirror" and see how it all could have been, if things had happened differently.

This larp is especially designed for bringing the experience to different people who cannot, for one reason or another, meet up in person, and while one venue will be in Oslo, the other will take place somewhere else, to bring the Grenselandet experience to more people during lock down. 

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