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Friday 28 September 2018


Transmutation (DK), by Nilas Dumstrei, is a game about the complexity between the language we share and the personal relationship with your language as your possession.

In a co-created reality, words are materialising into a fluid mass, which is running out and filling the empty space with an invisible texture.
In a fragmented state of personality, you are navigating your way through a thickened web of logos-barriers. Your distance to the others are ever so increasing, but in the material, a sensation lays a bridge between you and the body mass of the other. 
As a snail, your tongue is twisting, and your present is flickering in front of your eyes. A senses landscape, somewhere beyond your control.

In Transmutation we partake in the co-creation of meaning and collectivity through movement and playfulness, towards building a shared landscape of uncertainty and sensitivity.

Words make our universe able to bend.

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