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Sunday 9 September 2018

Monet and the Moment

An old, dying Monet, looks back on his life as a painter, as an artist, and as a family man.
His memories are now both foggy and inconsistent, but still, he relives his painful and joyous past.

Back then, the hunt for the euphoria of the Moment and the creation of art, came before everything else -  family, sanity and humanity.

Monet and the Moment (DK), by Ann Eriksen and Danny Wilson, is a larp for up to 20 players. It consists of a workshop and of two hours of uninterrupted game time.

All the participants will play their own version of Monet, as well as supporting characters in the stories of the other Monets. 18 scenes are juxtaposed with nine different paintings of Claude Monet (switched on and off by lights). The participants will move smoothly in and out of scenes and stories with each other - as old Monet, as younger Monet, as family, art critics, delusions and the fleeting Moment. We call it an impressionist larp.

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