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Friday 2 October 2015

The Other Life Project at Grenselandet

The Other Life Project is an ongoing experimental art project, based on the premise that identities as well as the so called “reality” around us are changeable. The Other Life is a space where you can reflect upon and experiment with identities, interaction and being. Through a new identity, your Other Life, you can take control over or lose yourself in attempts to develop new understandings of what it is possible to be and do, individually or together with others.

At Grenselandet you have the change to be introduced to your Other Life and explore new identities together with the other participants. If you like it, it can be the start of your participation in one of the most innovative projects in the larp scene at the moment.

The Other Life event (DK) at Grenselandet is hosted by Peter Munthe-Kaas and Nina Runa Essendrop.

You can read more about The Other Life Project at


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