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Thursday 27 August 2015

Sibling larps

Today we have added two larps from the UK to our programme. One about an all-female group of friends and one about an all-male group of friends. Both larps explore the history of these people from beeing students to adult life.

These Are the Days of Our Lives (UK) by Mo Holkar is about a group of young women meeting at a student disco, and becoming friends. This larp revisits them at ten-year intervals: catching up with the group in their late 20s, late 30s and late 40s. Inbetween these social meetings, players choose for themselves what has happened to their characters during those ten years: relationships, family, work, health… and also how the dynamic of their interrelationships has evolved with their changing lives.

These Are the Days of Our Lives is about the evolution of female friendships over time. It is interested in the ebb and flow of warmth, trust, respect and emotional closeness around the group, as time goes on and life events happen. It’s also interested in players’ exploration of how women's lives express themselves as they grow older.

These Are the Days of Our Lives will mix comic and tragic moments, light-hearted enjoyment and serious concern and grief, in the same way that life itself does. Players will fit thirty years’ worth of ups and downs – in the characters’ own lives, and among the group – into a few hours of play. You’ll be invited to become strongly bonded together; and you may have reflections on your own life, as a result of what you’ve experienced in play.

Real Men (UK) by Mo Holkar and Kevin Burns follows the lives of six friends, from when they first meet at the age of 19 in the mid-80s up to the present day.

What is it to be a 'real' man? What are the hopes, fantasies and fears men have about themselves? What happens when men accept, or reject, society's ideas about manhood? What do we, as men, hide from others in order to portray ourselves as 'real men'?

'Real Men' will give men the opportunity to explore their relationships with other men, and to discover something about their own relation to masculinity and maleness.

The larp is a companion piece to 'These Are The Days of Our Lives' by Mo Holkar, which is about six women.

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