Didn't get a ticket? - there is still a chance If you turn up at the door you can get a last minute ticket for a larp if there are vacant spots. This will cost NOK 150 (NOK 100 dicsounted). If you don't get a spot on a larp you will not have to pay anything. Previous years, we have been able to find a spot for last minute tickets about 80% of the time, so the odds are quite good.

Can I join the party even if not participating at Grenselandet? You need a ticket to come in. You can pay the price of a last minute ticket (NOK 150/100) even though you are not playing if you only want to join the party. Or better - you can sign up to help us with pratical stuff (mostly cooking) - and we will both feed you, love you and throw you a party. To volunteer, please contact us at

Monday, 17 August 2015

First 2015 larps

Today we have released the first 8 larps in the programme for Grenselandet 2015.

Life on a string (NL) by Jantine van den Bosch is a larp about a group of friends, where one of them are going to die. How does this affect their relations? In this larp, thin, fragile strings to symbolize the relations between the characters. The hospitaility (SV) by Tova Gerge, Gabriel Widing and Ebba Petren takes us on a philosophical journey on board a space ship which is a choreocracy – a society where decisions are made through collective movement in space. From Belarus we have Helianthus land (BY) by Masha Bugayova, Zhenya Karachun, Olya Rudak and Nastassia Sinitsyna. Inspired by George Orwell's 1984, this larp lets us explore a society of Helianthini, flowers, and how their community is organized.

Nordic larper love exploring gender, sexuality and relationships. In Mono (NO) by Fredrik Hossmann you play someone who are treated for their monogamy in a society where polyamory is the norm. For those who loves history - join Beyond the Barricades (SV) by Eva Wei and Rosalind Göthberg takes us to the June rebellion in 1832 Paris. Or take a step into a larp inspired by the children's book "The word factory" in Cherry, dust, chair (NO) by Frida Sofie Jansen. In this world, words are rare and have to be bought - or caught in the wind. The precious words can not be wasted. We also brought in The things we left behind (DK)by Anna Emilie Groth and Danny Meyer Wilson. This is a scenario about families affected by war and how they have to make impossible choices and sacrifices. And for those who love free form, we're happy to have Aliceby Nina Runa Essendrop, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, where you can play Alice, Dream or Reality.

More programme to be added soon!

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