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Wednesday 24 September 2014

Lost love

Love in the Age of Debasement (NO) by Erlend Eidsem Hansen and Geir Tore Brenne has been played several times in many different countries. We're happy to have this classic on the programme for this year's Grenselandet. In this larp you play in couples, one on one, while the other players do the same around you. It is an intimate and strong experience about failing relationships.

We are in a city, perhaps New York, Stockholm or Singapore. The time is now. You are a couple living in the city. You meet at a café. The conversation develops into a serious talk, an explosion or implosion of emotions. You are playing a couple that has been together for a while, say six months, or up to two years. You are not living together. The story is about the confrontations that might arise, when we are forced to, or stumble into, taking a stand. It is about our relationships, about the critical moment when we come to the realization that things are not working.

This might be the end. This might be the start of something new and perhaps more sincere.

We are trying to grasp the moment when a couple realizes that their crisis is a fact. We are aiming at the very eye of the storm. At least one of the involved parties in each couple will be put to the test: How do we experience love in an age where it seems that so often, it does not work out?

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